Wayaway – The Best Way to Book Travel in 2023

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Have you ever wondered what is the best booking platform? Or even how do I make booking travel easier? Well we have the answer for you: WayAway!

What is WayAway?

WayAway is a travel aggregator that provides travelers with the best rates on airlines, hotels and other travel accommodations. Started in 2022 to help travelers have a better booking experience. It is primed to become one of the best booking platforms of 2023.

What is WayAway+?

What’s even better is that WayAway has a membership program called WayAway+ that lets you earn cashback on your booked purchases. The WayAway+ membership is only $49.99 for a full year of benefits. That is a steal considering the perks that you get with it.

Plus you can get 10% off your first year of membership by using this link!

Benefits of WayAway+

The WayAway+ membership gets you cashback on these travel booking platforms.

​​Flights – up to 5%

Booking.com – up to 10%

Rentalcars – 5%

KiwiTaхi – 10%

Viator – 9%

GetYourGuide – 8%

Tiqets – 7%

Klook – up to 7%

Hostelworld – up to 6%

GoCity – up to 3%

AirHelp – 10%

QEEQ – 5%

For example if you book at Flight that costs $500 on Booking.com through your WayAway+ membership, you would then get $50 cashback once you have completed your trip. 

That means you would make back the amount of money you spent on the membership by just booking one flight! 

On average users cover the cost of Plus membership with one trip. It pays for itself!

Get Cashback on Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars, Activities and more!

Other Great Benefits of WayAway+ Membership

Customer Support

Some of the other great benefits of WayAway is their awesome round-the-clock customer service. They check your flight time, let you know about visa requirements, and be by your side throughout your trip. 

Expert Guides

They also have expert curated “In a nutshell” guides. Currently they have 200 local experts in 95 cities and counting. These expert guides let you know about all the best places to neighborhoods, times to visit, and activities to do. You can even get in touch with a local expert for a city tour or a photo shoot. 

Carbon Offsetting

Members can share part of their cashback to help offset carbon emissions and WayAway will double that contribution. Its a win-win!

Get expert curated recommendations for your travel destination

Join WayAway+ Now

What are you waiting for? 

If you like having all the information at your fingertips then WayAway is the new booking platform for you. 

Saving money on travel is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. See all the best booking deals in one place. 
  2. Get cashback with the WayAway+ Membership. 
  3. Get even more cashback by using a cashback Credit Card when booking.

And lastly, enjoy your travels!

Travel smarter, travel better →  Get 10% off WayAway+ Membership Now

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